Friday, 10 May 2019

May 9, 2019

Drawn at 3rd Street Arts in Albuquerque:

Update:  Printed by Henry Morales May 23, 2019
(Gamblin etching ink on lightweight Rives BFK)

Henry Morales printing in his studio

Simulation of what the linoleum cut out 
will look like when printed

Digitally altered

I've been making an effort to do some relief prints since coming back from Oaxaca.  Maybe I'm improving:

Update (May 19):  I made a print at QueLab hackerspace.

The inked linoleum plate looked promising

The final prints were too faint

I used Akua ink on Hahnemuhle paper, and hand printed with the small Iron Frog baren.

I used Intaglio Mars Black Akua ink, with Akua Tack Thickner. I never did achieve the nice snap sound when rolling the brayer over the ink, even on newsprint. Also I did not wet the paper first.

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