Friday, 22 January 2021

January 19, 2021

The Tuesday Night drawing group of Santa Fe drew together online using Zoom, because of the Covid 19 quarantine.  The model was in San Angelo, Texas.

Most of the drawings above were altered in Deep Dream Generator.

I received my rejection email on the 19th from The Drawing Center in NYC.

Interview with Norm Rosenberger from San Francisco, one of my favorite painters who used to draw with us.

The Phrozen Sonic 3D resin printer is less than $250 on Amazon.

Holly was using BlenderGIS from Domlysz

During Quelab chat we discussed cutting nonsymmetrical tiles, Girih tiles, out on the laser cutter in Marmoleum to make a floor.  Seet the YouTube "The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats."

Monday, 18 January 2021

Texas Variations in Red

I reworked some of the drawings from the first year of this blog, 2010, with the online AI programs -- Petalica Paint and Deep Dream Generator -- and did extra editing in XnView and Photoshop Elements 2021.


El Paso








I created the image below in Microsoft's Paint 3D (which comes with Windows 10), and transferred it's style to my drawings above in Deep Dream Generator.  I wanted to make my drawings more puffy, so I used a puffy transfer style image.

I transferred the style of this red image
to my drawings above

I was listening to the Boards of Canada while creating these images:

Sunday, 17 January 2021

Pictures of Albuquerque -- January 2021

 These pictures are of Albuquerque in the new year 2021:

As seen on the west bank of the Rio Grande,
Bridge Blvd

Rio Grande
looking east


Wrong and Wronger

and then this message shows up
on the streets of Albuquerque

Universal sign 

Downtown alley

Near UNM

VW van in front of a vegetarian restaurant,
a fragment of the university neighborhood
stranded in the 60s

Socially distancing 6 feet apart

University of New Mexico

Frozen fountain

The "Center of the Universe"
is in the middle of UNM

Abandoned truck in the courtyard
is supposed to make the Maxwell Museum
look authentic New Mexico




Sunset looking west

Sunday night all the muscle cars
parade on Central
in downtown Albuquerque

See more pictures:  ABQ pictures in times of Covid