Wednesday, 8 February 2023

February 7, 2023

Drawn at Henry Morales' studio in Albuquerque:

Since Henry Morales is a printmaker, I drew and made prints:

I first coated an expanded PVC foam plate, 6x6 inches, with black acrylic paint.  Then I scratched into it with a diamond point scribe:

The diamond point scribe 
peeled away the black acrylic paint,
but it wasn't that smooth

The print

For the second print
Henry drew into it
by scraping away some of the ink

Henry improved the print (left)
vs the first print with no drawings

I also drew the model into a Styrofoam plate with a pen:

Henry printed with the 
rockin' board


We also printed Greta Young's three 6x6 inch linocuts on 8x8 inch paper.  I should have done this six months ago

Henry used a letterpress
to print Greta's linocuts

Henry Morales carved this woodcut
during the model session

The next night (February 8) we transferred some heat transfer designs (HTV) onto a t-shirt with a hand held iron made for snowboards:

The next day at Quelab (February 8), I drew from the first drawing in this blog post, on a simple LCD Writing Tablet, and used Midjourney and Deep Dream Generator AI programs to arrive at the image below:

Glowing woman

1)  I drew from the first drawing in this blog post, on the LCD Writing Tablet:

I drew the first drawing in this blog post
on the LCD Writing Tablet

2)  I uploaded that drawing into Midjourney with the prompt: "sitting woman"

I uploaded the tablet drawing on the left
to Midjourney with the simple prompt: "sitting woman"

3)  I also uploaded the same drawing to Deep Dream Generator, and used their "Text 2 Dream" feature, with the Artistic AI model, with the same prompt: "sitting woman," to generate a realistic female portrait:

"Text 2 Dream" Deep Dream Generator
I uploaded the tablet drawing on the left
 with the simple prompt: "sitting woman"
using the Artistic model

4)  I then uploaded both of those images to Midjourney and blended them to make the glowing lady:

I blended the two images above in Midjourney
to get the nice image result below

The final image looked like it was half drawn with light, like what Picasso did for Life Magazine.

While the final result looked nothing like my original drawing, it probably could not be created any other way.  I don't believe that glowing outline would have been generated using only text prompts.

Monday, 6 February 2023

February 6, 2022

Drawn at Art Buddies in Albuquerque:

I took the pedestrian and a car out

Ugly drawing

Midjourney result
when I uploaded the previous drawing above
with the prompt: "woman lying down"

INFINITE AI Transitions

I uploaded the previous image (two above)
to Midjourney with the prompt: "in the style of Balthus"

I blended the upper two images in Midjourney
to generate the bottom image

I took the odd shoes out, in the lower right corner,

I uploaded the previous image above
with the prompt: "put cat in lap"