Monday, 10 December 2018

Side Busting at Art Basel 2018

Tanya "book dropped" at Art Basel Miami 2018, by placing my book  -- "Finish My Figure Drawings" -- in the middle of the convention center floor, to see who would pick it up.

Tanya holding my book behind her,
sneaking it out  to the middle of the floor,
at the Miami Convention Center

Book placed in the middle of the floor -- 
a visitor looks down to see what happened

My abandoned book,
somebody stepped on it

The couple in the upper right,
picked up the book,
within 5 minutes of the plant

So we tried it again, dropping a second book in one of the nice rest areas at Miami Art Basel 2018.

Tanya planning the book drop

Tanya leaves my book
on the table in one of the lounges
at Miami Art Basel 2018

We lurked a bit to see what happened

A half hour later, 
the book was still there --
who knows what happened to this copy

Miami Art Basel 2018 was huge, but we enjoyed walking around aimlessly:

at Kurimanzutto of Mexico City

Richard Diebenkorn


Art Basel Miami was huge, so we just walked around in a daze for a couple of hours.  Most of what caught my attention were pieces by 20 century artists, like Giacometti, that I remember from art history.  I don't remember much straight up contemporary realism in Art Basel, but I do remember odd objects (see the gas canisters above) scattered throughout.

We also visited the Art Miami and Context art fairs, where it seemed like there was more traditional painting.

David Kassan's painting (right)
at the Gallery Henoch section
of the Context Miami art fair

We also visited Andrea Broyle's cube at the Spectrum Art Fair.

We also enjoyed all the print galleries at Ink Miami Art Fair:

Tanya in front of a pair of  Robert Longos
at the Hamilton-Selway suite of Los Angeles

December 6, 2018

Drawn at 3rd Street Arts in Albuquerque:

December 5, 2018

Drawn at 3rd Street Arts in Albuquerque:

December 4, 2018

Drawn in the Argos Gallery of Santa Fe: