Monday, 24 December 2018

Reverse Image Search

I've been searching the Internet for unusual drawing styles, and specifically for other drawings similar to my drawing style -- using Instagram and Reverse Image search engines.  The Russian Yandex reverse search engine has done the best job.

(hit camera icon to get to this page)

Upload an image from your hard drive, or paste in a URL, and find where that image resides on the Internet. Also Google gives a link to "visually similar images," but these "similar" images are never really much like my drawings, though some are interesting on their own terms.

What is puzzling is that all my drawings are posted on my blogspot blog.   Blogspot is a Google product, so all my drawings are hosted on the Google server.  However, I still never get a match to my blog when I upload one of my drawings.

  • Baidu is the Chinese search engine equivalent to Google.  

I cannot understand the Chinese characters, however if I drag and drop an image from my hard drive, into the search window box, Baidu will look for my image on the Internet, and also suggest similar images.

Baidu never finds my drawings, ie it never links back to my blog.  However I do find other interesting artists with something of a similar style.  Like:

金政基美人鱼手稿插画  --  Kim Jung Gi (from Korea)

  • Yandex is the Russian search engine equivalent to Google

Then click the "выберите файл" button
to upload an image from your hard drive

Yandex usually links the drawing I upload back to my blog.  It also gives me the best selection of "similar images," that are most like my drawing.   Moreover, it does a good job when displaying similar images to drawings by other artists, when I upload those.

These results are a good example of what comes up when I upload one of my drawings from my hard drive.

note that most are my other drawings

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