Sunday, 11 December 2016

21st Century Schizoid Sculpture


I would like to make a sculpture that art lovers could move with their smartphones (sorta like this idea).

Proof of Concept

 * bronze *

and twirl my sculpture with your mouse
round and round

Metalphysic in Tucson is translating one of my drawings into a bronze sculpture.  Daniel is using Zbrush to make a 3D digital file (view above image in 3D), which will then be printed out in castable resin on the Form 2 3D printer.  From there a bronze will be made in the traditional manner -- encasing the resin in a ceramic shell, then melting it out like wax, by pouring bronze into it.

First digital mock-up

being translated into a 3D file
with Zbrush

This drawing was also used by Skinpop of Mexico City, to create a collaboration serigraph:

Collaboration print
between me and Skinpop

My friend Peter noted that modern sculpture has more space than mass, like those by Bill Barrett whereas classical sculpture has more mass than space:

Similar sculpture
on Lena Street
outside of Iconik Coffee in Santa Fe
by an unidentified sculptor

* the hack *

Once we have the bronze, I want to hack it, so that it moves from commands issued from a viewer's smart phone.  This kind of art is possible using technology from the Internet of Things.

FabLab El Paso suggested that this might be done with a WiFi Module, such as the ESP8266.

I will also consult with people in the hackerspaces -- QueLab of Albuquerque, and Xerocraft of Tucson.

Tony at Metalphysic suggested that the moving piece of the sculpture might be made of 3D printed nylon, because it is lighter than bronze.

Once we decide on the moving parts of the sculpture, we can go back and add them in Zbrush, and 3D print and pour another bronze.  Would we be able to add movable elements from Solidworks into the Zbrush model?

* augmented reality *

Augment El Paso said that it is possible to add elements to a 3D sculpture with Augmented Reality.  I can imagine long arrows coming out of the sculpture, or even elements flying around it, defying gravity.

with Augmented Reality

The Android phone is moving the Lazy Susan,
to turn the virtual skull on the tablet,
to show off Augmented Reality

Can we use the same smart phone interface -- to both move the sculpture, and view it in Augmented Reality?


Perhaps we can mill the 3D image in Styrofoam, and make that move with commands from a smart phone.

We could coat the Styrofoam sculpture in Skratchworks, and refine the detail on the surface.  

Would we exhibit the sculpture somewhere like Meow Wolf of Santa Fe?

I believe that the cave around this elephant sculpture
in Meow Wolf of Santa Fe,
was made with Skratchworks medium

Jared, owner and maker of 
in front of the "Chocolate" sign 
he made with Skratchworks,
in Madrid, New Mexico

If the project got bigger, we could hire Creative Machines in Tucson.

* Virtual Reality World *

We can also add 3D models into a Virtual Reality land -- such as we have done in Krrrland for the Tucson Sculpture Festival 2015.

For instructions on how to download 
the Firestorm Viewer
and enter Krrrland,

Wirelessly projecting 
from computer to LED projector

Flash:  FabLab El Paso says that they can import STL files into the Tilt Brush 3D environment!  I'd like to import all the KRRRLand stl files into Tilt Brush. 

Many of our 3D models can be viewed online at SketchFab.

with the mouse

 *or it is the present? *

Right now one can buy gadgets to draw in 3D, starting with the new Wacom tablets:

for $200

for $3000

Painting with Google Tilt Brush --
for $1500

Tilt Brush "sculptures" from Originator Studios during East Austin Open Studios 2016.

for $3000 

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