Getting to KRRRLand:

I. Install the Firestorm Viewer
  1. Go to
  2. Download the viewer for your operating System (Windows, Mac, Linux). 
    • Download the version that says "For SL and OpenSim...".
    • If you're not sure whether you have a 32bit or 64bit system, download the 32bit version.
  3. Double-click the install file and follow the installation instructions.
II. Add KRRRLand to the Firestorm Viewer
  1. Open Firestorm Viewer.
  2. In the upper left corner click Viewer > Preferences...
  3. Click the Opensim tab.
  4. Under "Add new grid" enter and click Apply.
  5. Click OK at the bottom of the Preferences Window
III. Create an account on KRRRLand
  1. At the bottom of the Firestorm Viewer, click "Create an account" above the Log In button. A browser window will open.
  2. Input your avatar's first and last name, your email, password and the gender of your avatar.
  3. Click "create". The admin must authorize your account. Once that's done you will receive a confirmation email. 
IV. Login to KRRRLand
  1. In Firestorm Viewer, type in your avatar's first and last name (separated with a space) under "Username:". Type in your password under "Password:". Under "Start at:" choose Home and under "Log into Grid:" choose KRRRL.
    • Check "Remember Password" and you won't have to enter your login info again.
  2. Click "Log In".
  3. Wait for the viewer to connect to the server and load the terrian.

Moving Around in KRRRLand

     Forward, Backward, Left, Right: Arrow keys.

    Double-click and hold the arrow key in the direction you want to run.

Walk Laterally (Strafe):
    Hold the Shift key while moving left or right.

    Press Page Up.
    Press Page Down.

    Press and hold Page Up until you're airborne.
    Use Arrow keys to fly horizontally.
    Press Page Up and Page Down to fly higher and lower.

Stop Flying:
    Press Page Down until your avatar lands on the ground.

First-Person View:
    Spin the scroll wheel on the mouse upward until you are in first-person view. Use the mouse to look around.
      - Flying in first-person view: Use the mouse to look around. When you press the forward arrow key, you will fly in the direction you're looking.

Zoom Out:
    Spin the mouse's scroll wheel downward.
Look Around:
   Press and hold the Alt key. Hover the cursor over the object you want to look at. Click and hold the left mouse button to focus on the object. Move the mouse forward and back to zoom in and out (or use the scroll wheel). Move the mouse left and right to orbit around the object.
     - Reset: Move your avatar with an arrow key to reset the view to your avatar.
    Open the mini-map by clicking the 5th icon from the right at the bottom of the viewer or press CTRL+Shift+M. Double click on the part of the map you want to teleport to. 

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