Monday, 5 November 2012

All Souls Procession -- November 4, 2012

The Sculpture Resource Center paraded three floats in the All Souls Procession 2012, in Tucson.

The full SRC presentation:

View the playlist of all the videos (starting with the mini-procession two days earlier):

Between the vision of Martin Quintanilla (pictured), and hard work of Jorge Gonzales, and the SRC members,  it all happened:

The Blue Mayan float mimicked the large painting in front of the Sculpture Resource Center, created by Martin Quintanilla and Joshua Woodhall (pictured in front):

We also tried to recreate last year's All Souls Procession poster, by Michael Contreras:

We realized in 3 dimensions -- the giant skull, popsicle cart, and calavera in a bathtub from the above poster: 

Joshua silk screened a Mayan flag, with the letters SRC (for the Sculpture Resource Center), using a Maya internet translator:

Since there is no "R" in Maya, he created his own glyph :

View a fascinating video

Getting ready to depart the Sculpture Resource Center:

The Blue Mayan float could not clear the trees on the sidewalk, and took a dive:

But recovered!

SRC contingent:

Who are these guys, with the other giant skull?

Two days earlier, Susan Kay Johnson (who founded the All Souls Procession), lead an intimate Day of the Dead procession to the Tucson Museum of Art (view playlist of these videos):

Flickr All Souls Procession search.
Arizona Daily Star pictures of the All Souls Procession.


 Albuquerque -- photos
Austin  -- video
San Francisco  --
Los Angeles --


Skull from last year, TuTanKamote during the 2011 All Souls Procession:

Videos of :
The Apparition of TuTanKamote
TuTanKamote on Congress Street
TuTanKamote under the bridge
Moving TuTanKamote

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