Thursday, 15 November 2012

November 10, 2012

The Sculpture Resource Center participated in the Tucson Pima Arts Council Open Studio.

The place was cleaned up for the public:

The silk screens of Taller sin Miedo laid out on the table (I am part of that collective):

Martin Quintanilla's table:

I did a bad silk screen monoprint:

Gonzalo Espinosa did a good silk screen monoprint during the Open Studio:

The first silk screen layer, on plastic:

Gonzalo cut out and placed a paper mask, to protect part of the image from receiving more paint:

Drawing with squeeze bottles, on top of the silk screen, to make the second layer:

Gonzalo placing the freshly printed plastic sheet, over the previous mono print, to complete the piece:

Instead of being listed as "The Sculpture Resource Center," the guide and website listed our exhibition as that of "Ariel Diaz" -- therefore we all wore t-shirts stating that each artist was "Ariel Diaz:"

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