Saturday, 23 July 2016

July 23, 2016

Drawn at Argos Gallery in Santa Fe:

I created an etching by drawing from this live model, for the Print Zero Print Exchange 2016 of Seattle.  I created the edition at New Grounds Print Workshop in Albuquerque, right after finishing their etching class.

I started by drawing from the model with a Tombow marker, in order to see the drawing:

The Tombow marker smeared
as I used the etching tool
to scratch away the ground

Enhanced line work,
after scanning the copper plate;
has not been etched yet

"Normalized", "Negative", Flip Horizontal"
in Xnview,
to get an idea how the plate would look
when etched and printed

Mary helped me proof the etching the next day,

(but the foot in the lower left corner disappeared)

We re-filed the edges,
after using the yellow filling too

I re-coated the plate with hard ground,
and scratched in a few more lines on the phantom foot.
Then we spitbite etched that area for about 10 minutes.


We flattened the prints the next day,
on a dry mount press

Final print with foot

I mailed off my prints to the Print Zero Print Exchange on July 29th.

Print Zero has self-published catalogs on Lulu of at least two of their previous print exchanges:


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