Saturday, 30 June 2012

June 30, 2012

We from the Sculpture Resource Center hung our paintings on 4th Avenue spontaneously, at 4th Ave and 5th St, in front of Martin's Comida Chingona.  Tying our paintings to the chain link fence is our reaction the ugly Tucson Modern Street Car construction.

The street corner:

Glenn Hernandez:

Joshua Woodhall:


Martin Quintanilla:

Gonzalo Espinosa:

Update: The owner of Martin's Comdia Chingona took our paintings down and put them up every day until the fence was removed on July 14th.

The artwork Dinnerware put up on the construction fence on Congress, however, did not fare so well.  They were supposed to have an opening on Saturday, July 14th, but by that time the city took all the artwork down.  Dinnerware responds with a thought provoking statement:

But recent removal of art from the Congress Street fence seems to ask some questions: Does this construction project belong to Tucson, or someone else? Whoever it is, recent events seems to add to feelings of helplessness on top of construction woes.

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