Saturday, 30 June 2012

June 24, 2012

Gonzalo organized a monoprint workshop and print sale at the Sculpture Resource Center in Tucson:

I enlarged one of these drawings from my blog at Reproductions.  Gonzalo then put the large drawing under the frame, so that he could copy the image with monoprint ink on the silk screen frame.  Some of the ink passed through and stained the large Xerox copy:

 Gonzalo drawing over my image with waterbased monoprint ink:

After drawing the image, Gonzalo replaced the Xerox enlargement with silk screen paper, and pulled the squeegee to make a monoprint:

Some of the waterbased ink dried, making a "mask," and thus prevented ink from passing through, rather than printing.  Thus white lines surfaced instead of black lines.  Is this a happy accident?

Martin Quintanilla set up a table to sell his prints:

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