Saturday, 10 June 2017

Anthony Ryder Workshop

I am taking the Anthony Ryder Figure Drawing Workshop in Santa Fe, for two weeks -- June 5 - 16.

Anthony Ryder
giving a figure drawing demonstration


 The Anthony Ryder studio is carefully designed, so that the model is lit only by a single light source.  Other lights illuminate only the student's drawing boards.

The spotlights above are wrapped in something like Rosco Matte Black Cinefoil (instead of blinders), to direct a narrow beam of light to the model, or to the drawing boards.  This is to avoid too much ambient light, which complicates the shadows on the model.

Also, the drawing stools (which prop up the drawing boards) are placed in taped spots, directly underneath each drawing light.

The Anthony Ryder studio

Materials --
including sharpened pencils,
and 150 grit sandpaper in an Old Holland box

Pad on 1/2 foamcore support

Homemade Drawing Bridge --
made of foamcore,
to keep hand from smudging the drawing

in order to see details on the model

Demo drawing,
with instruction about the anatomy of the shadow

The shadow has several parts:
Terminator, Reflected light, Dark accent
Cast shadow, Umbra, Penumbra,
Anti-halo, Halo

After the first week of the workshop:
Mostly my drawing (mirror left), 
with a few adjustments by Tony Ryder,
and Tony Ryder's foot drawing (mirror right)

My feet (mirror left)
vs Tony Ryder's foot (mirror right)

1st Week's Drawings

My final drawing

Barb's final drawing

Oliver's final drawing

2nd Week's Drawings

My drawing,
above Tony Ryder's drawing

Final Drawing

The first week of the workshop has been wonderful.  The procedures are very concrete and applicable.  I have never had instruction this specific and effective before, in spite of having taken many drawing classes.  This workshop is not cheap, however it has been very worthwhile for me.

Also, by fortunately coincidence,  there is a robust drawing exhibit currently at the New Mexico Museum of Art -- Lines of Thought: Drawing from Michelangelo to Now: from the British Museum.

Update:  I found this Instagram post from Felice House, from Texas A&M, who attended one of our Anthony Ryder demos:

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