Tuesday, 21 July 2015

July 8, 2015

Drawn at La Ceiba Grafica, in Coatepec, Mexico (outside of Xalapa):

La Ceiba Grafica is a lithography and printmaking complex, located in an old hacienda, in Coatepec (near Xalapa, where Jalapenos come from).   They make all their own lithography supplies.  I made a small lithography print while I was there:

La Ceiba Grafica makes their own wooden litho presses

View of the back patio

They use marble stones,
which they mine locally

I choose a gesture drawing,
which I had sketched the night before,
at their open life drawing session on Wednesday nights

My transferred drawing

I drew with litho pencils,
which they had made at the studio

I also used the tusche
they made at the studio

My stone on one of their 
homemade wooden litho presses

I inked the image up darker than I drew it

The final print,
made on their homemade cotton paper
(which they made from discarded cotton towels
from local hotels)

They scraped the walls of a local breadmaking kitchen,
to get the black pigment,
which they used to make litho pencils
and printmaking ink

I went to the Anthropology Museum in nearby Xalapa, housing many original Olmec heads:

Very impressive museum

Prehispanic printmaking,
using clay rollers
to print seals

Awesome miniature printmaking,
on Amate paper

Print show in a pulqueria!
The most appropriate print venue.
Zamer (from Mexico City)
was showing his print masterpieces 
at "La Otra" pulqueria in Xalapa

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