Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April 8, 2013

Drawn at The Drawing Studio in Tucson :

I drew on expensive Dendril (multi-media vellum drafting film) in order to make a better image for silk screening.  Dendril is semi-transparent, so I was hoping that I could use the original to burn directly to the screen.  Also, Dendril holds my pencil lines much better than newsprint, so the original drawing is darker:

Ultimately I still made a copy machine transparency, to darken up the lighter lines.  They did not wash out well, so that the final image in the silk screen lost a lot of detail lines, and ultimately lost volume.  The print on Mexican Amate paper looks too flat and sparse:

I need to draw more on Dendril.  Since it is transparent, I can also draw in layers like in Photoshop, with one piece of Dendril over the original, and add new elements.  That way I can make multiple colored silk screen prints --after burning each Dendril drawing onto it's own screen, I can print with a different color on each screen.

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