Thursday, 12 January 2012

January 1, 2012

We went to Nogales, Mexico (Dec 27, 2011) to pick up the Styrofoam mold I had CNC computer milled at Acrymaquetas in Guadalajara last April, from a 3D scan I made in Tucson.

Me carrying the mold and casting across the border:

Gonzalo made a resin and sand casting in Puerto Vallarta from the 4 foot Styrofoam mold. Apparently this is a technique they use to make bronzes. However in transit, the resin and sand casting broke in two -- but the crack crept above the abdomen shape, and thus did not disturb any of the discrete visual parts.

I felt like Indiana Jones, after opening the box, and looking onto this broken rough red stelae, which we brought up from central Mexico. Except this obscure relief was not one made by the ancient Mayans:

Gonzalo glued the 2 pieces to a board for presentation:

Later Gonzalo pressed clay into the Styrofoam mold to make a ceramic mural. After demolding he cut the clay into smaller pieces, to fit into the kiln:

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