Thursday, 10 March 2011

March 9, 2011

Drawn at the Lubbock Figure Drawing Group:

The drawing below is a 5 minute collaboration between Arne and I, where we drew the model together on the same "digital canvas" -- while sketching on 2 different computers -- with free versions of openCanvas 1.1. The night before, someone at the Austin Hackerspace showed me how to network the 2 touch screen netbooks in both Drawpile and openCanvas -- and we discovered that openCanvas worked better (plus there is an online guide). Although this final drawing is not wonderful, I did demonstrate that the digital collaboration concept can work, at least technically. We may need a Wacom and/or a real tablet PC to do a better drawing next time.

~ See the end of previous blog entry for a fuller explanation of the process~

Check out these good drawings made in openCanvas: from 霧理 : 旗 and のほん。 : カリン。. It is interesting to click the images and watch a movie of those drawings being made. However, I do not think these are collaborative drawings -- because the newer versions of openCanvas do not allow networking (which I found out after I bought 2 copies).

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